Monday, March 22, 2010

Meeting with high school students

Last week I gave presentation about digital diplomacy to the group of high-school students, about 35 individuals.

And I must tell you this: high-school students are the best audience for this topic. Not diplomats, not branding specialist, not Web 2.0 evangelists. High-school students - because they don't have to believe in social media, they don't have to become social media professionals. They just live in social media.

Unlike other groups I meet with, I didn't asked them how many have Facebook page, because all of them have. I asked them what other networks they use and whether they use blogs. More than half of them use Myspace and Twitter, and others participate in diverse networks. It was interesting to see that only two of them write blogs.

Unlike other groups, including the diplomats from my ministry, the high-school students understand exactly the potential of digital diplomacy.

They are already in fact digital citizens. It's not a big deal for them to become digital diplomats.

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