Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When “Better later than never “ doesn’t work

Two years after the publication of the Goldstone Report that accused Israel in committing war crimes, the Judge Richard Goldstone who wrote the report regrets its conclusion. In his letter in Washington Post he confesses his own naivety in expecting Hamas, the terrorist organizations, to investigate itself. He also describes his expectations from the UN Human Rights Council to condemn intentional attacks of Hamas against Israel. This expectation is also very naive.

The Goldstone Committee was created by an organization where the major actors are Libya, Syria, Iran and other human-rights loving countries. Iran murdered its citizens in 2009; Syria follows the Iranian big brother these very days. Libya’s Kaddafi regime is bombarded by NATO. So,  Judge Goldstone, my question is this:  How a person of your stance and experience could have received a mandate from such an organization for conducting investigation? You were completely blind, butI believe, at least that was not intentional.

Some people say you've made a courageous step. I don't think so. The damage that your report inflicted on Israel is irreversible. You should be ashamed of the baseless accusations against Israeli army. What Israeli army is doing against Hamas is no different from what US army is doing against Al-Qaida in Iraq, or NATO forces  in Afghanistan. We all fight Islamic terrorism.

Here in France the damage done by your report to Israel's image is also irreversible. Just look at the book of Stephane Hessel who establishes his defamatory discourse against Israel on your "findings". Mr. Hessel uses your accusations in order to go even further. He claims that the use of violence by Hamas against Israel could be "understood". Understood? Did you mean, Mr. Hessel, justified? Your description of Hamas as “beach-loving people” would make laugh even the Hamas terrorists themselves. They never had such a propagandistic success, as with you.

Any person of conscience would apologize for these baseless accusations. However, I am not naive. No, Mr. Hessel, you are not going against the wind. Your scandalous book is too popular and too cheap. Being popular doesn't mean being right. As Gandhi said:  « An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.”

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