Monday, June 28, 2010

US Tweetplomacy

American diplomacy and the State Department could serve as a good
example of using social media in their work. American embassies were
among the first to open Twitter accounts and use it for professional
goals. The most well-known example of using Twitter by US embassy
happened 4 years ago in Madagaskar during the coup d'etat attempt
against the president of this country. The US embassy sent tweets in
order to refute the rumors that the president of Madagaskar is hiding
at the embassy...

So if you consider opening the twitter account for your embassy, it is
worth checking what the americans are doing. They are definitely
leaders in this area, and they do it almost in every country. Their
twitter accounts could help you understand how to do yours. I am not
saying do exactly what they do. All I want to say is this: learn from
them and do better! Here are some examples from US embassies in

US Embassy in Vienna:

US Embassy in Geneva:

US Embassy in Warsaw:

US Embassy in Sweden:

US Embassy in Prague:

US Embassy in Oslo:

US Embassy in Italy:

There are many more, just look for them. American diplomats are
already on Twitter.

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