Monday, December 28, 2009

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israel Defense Forces hold a joint training program

Last week, on December 20-24, Israel MFA and IDF hold a joint training seminar under the title: "Diplomatic aspects of Political-Military Cooperation".

The program was the first of its kind: the participants, as well as the lecturers, came from the two organizations. The goal of the program was to improve the mutual understanding of the ways the two bodies operate and to see how the cooperation between them could be facilitated on the wide range of issues. Among the issues discussed was the operation in emergency situations, working with the media, policy planning and others.

You could read more about the program here:

I was one of the coordinators of the program, and also had the chance to make a presentaion about the idea of Government 2.0. Never miss a chance to spread the gospel of Digital Government...

Happy Holidays to everybody!

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