Sunday, July 12, 2009

how social networks help in recruiting young diplomats?

It is already common knowledge that social media became a tool in recruitment process in the private sector.
I would like to bring to oyur attention our experiment with social media (forum in one of the most popular israel's websites TAPUZ ("orange") whan dealing with the candidates to the new cadet course that will start next year.
The forum started without our previous knowledge or involvement. We found it accidentally, but immediately started to engage with the candidates sharing information about the diplomatic service in general, about the selection process and encouraging them to contact us directly when the questions were too specific or private.
It's not that all the participants respected the rules of civilized dialogue... it is not that we could just give the candidates all the questions and aswers in the written test... But the responces were very positive and encouraging and most of them mentioned that we helped them to understand better the whole process and even make decision. Most of the information we provided on the forum exists on the ministry's website, but on forum the very delivery of the information and the specification of it to the individual cases made the whole difference.
Those of you who read hebrew can visit the forum:

Our experiment evgen got praise from local media for the "successful e-government availablity to the public"...

The tool is hihgly recommended for all diplomatic recruitments.

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